Why I Drupal

I would like to start this post by thanking my husband for not ever once punching me in the face for refusing to run updates on my computer. I am the bane of his technological existence.

With that being said, I use Drupal because Ian asked me once how I write my stories. My novels are always more of a (very loose) collection of short stories, and I'm always changing their order. Ian saw the hack and slash way I had been (mostly not) organizing myself and decided to put an end to all that nonsense. A week or so later, he showed me Drupal.

Drupal has a module made just for books. BOOKS! (Check out the "Collections" block in the side bar.) And you can drag each page / node of a book around to your heart's content. Okay, so I can. I TOTALLY CAN!

That's all I needed to see. I was totally on board.

I love the book feature in Drupal. It may not make me a better writer, but it has helped me be a more productive one. I have private books for some of my WIPs, and I have been using those to outline my story. I create a book page for each scene with what needs to happen in it as the title. When I've written the scene, I change the title name to something more title-like, and I know I've gotten that scene down. I have been able to watch myself construct a novel once scene at a time.

When I've finished, I plan on asking my friends to be BETA readers (some of them have already read a previous WIP but I haven't gotten much feedback on that* so I'm assuming it's as horrifying as I thought, and I'm dragging a much needed battle axe through the whole thing). I'll then edit and blah blah blah, all that frantic jazz. After that, I can decide if I want to submit it for proper publishing, or if I want to make it available on the site. All I have to do is change some permissions, schedule each scene to be published and let Drupal do the rest.

If I was just looking for a blogging platform, I could have gone with any number of products. And really, if Ian hadn't been around to figure out what I needed, I would have been perfectly happy to keep on dicking around with my increasingly frustrating Livejournal (come on guys, keep it together over there). But I found something that works better for me, and I'm a pretty happy technological disaster because of it.

So I guess the main reason I Drupal is because Ian is willing to support it. He's happy researching all of this open source blah blah blah and is always satisfied with the solutions he finds to whatever my latest catastrophe happens to be. And trust me, I really do push his tech support boundaries. I am one of those people who clicks message buttons without reading what they say, then yells and screams about everything being broken. So, like I said a the top, thank you Ian for not punching me in the face. Because I would totally punch me in the face. But I thank you times a million for not even considering it, or for judging.

(Although we all know there totally is judging.)

*I said I didn't get MUCH feedback, okay? Not that I didn't get any. I really appreciate the feedback I did get. SO MUCH OKAY THERE THANK YOU.

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