Week In Surfing: July 4, 2015

As a child, of course, the fourth of July was always an exciting holiday. Sparklers were wielded in great loops, drawing our names in the darkness until they sputtered out and stabbed into water filled coffee cans. The neighbor boy up the street lit firecrackers and jumping jacks, which frightened me with their loud chaos.

Week In Surfing: January 10, 2015

The day started out wonderfully, to tell you the truth. We woke up in plenty of time to get to Iliana's hula class, the first since October since the couple who own the school were on a two month long vacation to celebrate their fortieth wedding anniversary. Getting the gang back together was pretty fantastic and the kids got right back into class as if no time had passed. Actually, it was even better than that. They seemed kind of awed to be back together. More subdued, even if only a very little. But when you're talking about 3-5 year olds doing hula, a little subdued seems like a lot.

Week In Surfing: December 20, 2014

This week has been a thoroughly mixed bag, which is fitting I guess since it's kind of like Santa's enormous catch-all. We've been busy here in Hale Hākaʻo just like any other family enjoying the Christmas season. Between excitedly opening the advent calendar every morning and putting crap all over the Christmas tree all day, the kids are having a great one. Between a thousand moments spent redirecting my preschooler away from opening all of the days on the advent calendar and picking up strewn ornaments from everywhere, I am...also having a great one. I can say that because the end is in sight. And thank god for that.

Week In Surfing: December 13, 2014

Happy weekend, lovely! I hope that Ian and I can survive it. We had a rough start but pushed our way through a house filled with fighting children and devoid of coffee (OMG). We managed to buy two weeks' worth of groceries and knock out Iliana's Christmas presents in one shopping trip so right now we're feeling pretty mighty.

And now I have a moment to sit my ass in my recliner and share some things that made me happy that make me SO GLAD I do this whole Week In Surfing thing.

Week In Surfing: Hey Watch This!

I'm still having a really tough time right now. I feel out of place and homesick and like I've made every big mistake there is to make in my life. I feel like this a lot when wallowing in the pit of my own depression. Homesick. Rootless. Wandering.

All of that wandering makes me really super distracted. My focus goes all over the place until I'm clicking back and forth between ten different articles or whatever, making no sense of anything I've just read. Or I go to the kitchen for what in the hell was I here for anyway? Oh yeah, I wanted...what was I doing? When my brain gets like this, I start watching videos and looking at pictures to soothe myself. I can focus on those. So here are some bitchin' videos I watched today. I would love love love for you to watch them too.

Week In Surfing: String Figures

My sister came over this morning and spent the entire day with us. Well, she took Jonas to a movie for a couple of hours, but for the rest of the day she was here to partake in some of our long weekend chaos. The kids were getting pretty bored - okay so we were all getting pretty bored - which took me back to long days filled with simple, silly games. After a few rounds of bubblegum bubblegum in a dish, nostalgia was in full force and I damn well demanded Celine play some string games with me.

Week In Surfing Nov 22: Pacific Islander Edition

This week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel gave a speech urging Australia to reveal its plans for cutting greenhouse emissions, warning that Climate change 'won't stop at the Pacific Islands'. And hey great, a world leader presenting us with the reminder that we do share the world. That climate change will soon become everybody's problem, everywhere.

But it already is, if we recognize that Pacific Islands and Pacific Islanders are part of everybody. Part of Earth's everywhere. So when I first read Merkel's statement I was the opposite of impressed. And so, for today's Week In Surfing, I thought we'd take a moment to remember that Pacific Islanders are a vital, important part of our global landscape, and we aren't willing to drown in the sea of political idiocy.

Week In Surfing: September November 8, 2014

Hello friends! Welcome to November!

I'm trying to get back into the habit of doing these bad boys again, mostly because I read a lot of good stuff out there on the intertubes and like talking about them. Here's a few great posts I want to share before I run off to my sister's birthday party and stuff my face with kalua pig and SPAM musubi like the responsible adult I am.

Week In Surfing: July 27, 2013

I haven't been doing a heck of a lot of reading this week; Ian's been home working on the basement remodel which has thrown our entire schedule out the window. BUT, here are a few things that I did get into this week.

Why you need to get off your shy introverted ass and start building your tribe right now―and how to do it - I grew up in the thick of a tribe. My grandmother was the eldest of eleven and we were all each other's business. After my dad and grandma died, my mom moved to be closer to her family in Washington State. We all followed her and have made quite a life for ourselves here. Yet, ever since I left Hawaii I've felt this gnawing sense of loss. I finally realized just how much I am still grieving the tribe that we left behind, and this post cropped up on my radar with almost eerie timing. I have many complicated thoughts about the "warts" of a tribe and hope to explore those thoughts in several-many pieces, but for now I'll just point you in the direction of this post. Also, this blog's theme is the same of mine. Awesome!

Week In Surfing: July 20, 2013

Happy Weekend!

We're off to do like a thousand different things to get ready for the next push in our remodel so I'm just going to go ahead and leave you with these:

Nickels and a Juice Obsession - As always, Chris writes so well about her addictions and why recovery isn't a finish line, but a beginning. I can't believe that I actually know this powerful woman, and every time she posts something on her blog I feel like I want to carry it around and make everyone in the whole world read it.


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