One Hundred Word Wednesday: The Cutest Kindness

As I made lunch I became aware of telling silence. I called her name, a suspicious question.

“Yeah?” she answered like sugar.
“Whatcha doin'?” I both wanted to and didn't want to know.
“I make the kitty stay on the couch,” she answered proudly.

That could mean a lot of things, only a few of them any good.

“Please be nice to the kitty,” I pleaded, washing my hands quick as I could.
“I am,” she bellowed.

I stepped into the living room, unsure.

One Hundred Word Wednesday: Birth Day

In 1999, I became...myself. He was born and just like that, everything changed. He was born, and I was a mother.

I went to recovery while my little boy started his stay in the NICU. I got flowers while he got intubated. I got congratulated, and he? He got an incubator.

Twenty-six measly weeks. Five insufficient days. Two pounds, three ounces. The baby, my baby, fought every scrap of unfavorable odds.

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