Unpack This

I'm early for my appointment so I sit in the waiting room. Usually I wait in the first floor lobby, alternately checking my phone and people watching until it's time to go upstairs for my session. I also hang back from the bank of elevators, waiting to catch an empty one. It's a busy building so I'm hardly ever successful, but still. I try.

One Hundred Word Wednesday: I'm Doing #NaBloPoMo!

This is the summer of writing. Iliana started full day pre-K today and Jonas will be at his dad's for six weeks, so theoretically I have all this time to get my write on. But I am definitely a creature of momentum and I haven't had much of that lately, so it'd be super easy for me to just turn this into the summer of not writing. Since I'm determined to not let that happen and I do better with small, attainable goals, we'll start the summer with a month of blogging. Every day.

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