The Merriest Kidmas

In a plastic storage bin, in the office junk room, there is a beautiful ribbon that is supposed to run through the branches of our pre-lit artificial Christmas tree. It is a beautiful ribbon and fills me with great joy when it does its job of tying together the whole Christmas ensemble. It's even worth the pain of keeping it in there just so, without having it bunch up here or sag gracelessly there as the whole tree gets rearranged by tiny, excited hands.

But this year it sits in its little (not little) storage bin and I honestly couldn't be happier.


I am a really, really shitty housewife.

Okay, so I'm super good at some pretty important things. Today is Tuesday, which means it is bread day. Iliana and I will make two loaves of white, and maybe a loaf of pumpkin for easy grab-and-go breakfasts. Later on I'll make a lasagna and tuck it into the freezer. We're having tacos tonight.

I know how to keep people fed, is what I am saying.
And what's more, I adore doing it.

One Hundred Word Wednesday: Evidence of Life

Even before birth, the children have filled my head with every sort of phenomenal new. Ideas and priorities, and of course the all of the spangly new things that were missing in an old life before.

I remember this faraway time when my bathroom counter was simply a home for a toothbrush holder, the soap dish, and a bottle of mouthwash that made my gums ask what they'd done to deserve such torment.

Now there be dolls, and cars, and a hundred strange things I would have never have considered a tub toy.

A child bathes here.
(Well, okay. Sometimes.)

How the IRS Made Me a Better Housewife (those jerks)

Two months ago, we got notice from the IRS that our monthly payment on our 2008 tax bill was being increased. We've been chipping away at that gargantuan debt the best we can, but still there's a lien on the house and a hefty lump of cash deducted from our checking account every month. But since the IRS finally calculated that we wouldn't be able to pay off our debt within their 10 year time budget, the hefty lump had to get a bit heftier.

Yeah, totally. Of course I cried.

One Hundred Word Wednesday: Teamwork

He's done everything else himself: the framing and wiring and cabling and cussing.

(Okay, so maybe I've done some cussing of my own.)

But we signed up the daughter for an extra day of school and tromped down into the dusty mess of sheetrock . I was his second set of eyes, asking if that was where the cut really needed to be. (It wasn't.) (I am a hero.)

Just Enough Room

And now, the remodel!

When we bought our house in 2008, I called it our "1917 future beauty." It was my diplomatic (and optimistic) way of calling her an absolute mess.

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