One Hundred Word Wednesday: Hibiscus

They blossomed everywhere in that white stucco subdivision. We'd pull them ruthlessly from slender branches, peel their waxy petals one by one to mutilate, mutilate, mutilate what we saw as ordinary and boring and silent. What I wouldn't give right now to hold one of those unexciting, everyday beauties in my hands; feel their soft petals against my fingertips. See the ants crawling inside them innocently, black against red or pink or yellow. What I wouldn't give to have them so bountiful as to be worthy of our absentminded destruction. Oh, the things I would do to be home again.

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sprizee said:

I know I've said this before but Imma gonna say it again, I love that your blogging again. Also, you inspired me to post today. That happened.

celeste noelani said:

I think my therapist loves that I'm writing again, too. I get even more crazy when I don't.

And woohoo! I'm glad that you posted. Keep it up. Love it times a million.