Oh Hey, A New Newness (Sort of)

A few things have happened over the past month and some since I last posted. There's the weeding and the remodel and the whole making out with the beautiful sunshine thing, but right now I am gonna tell you about the new blog layout, because Ian and I just went live with it last night and I'm so fucking proud I need to tell somebody.

Why I Drupal

I would like to start this post by thanking my husband for not ever once punching me in the face for refusing to run updates on my computer. I am the bane of his technological existence.

With that being said, I use Drupal because Ian asked me once how I write my stories. My novels are always more of a (very loose) collection of short stories, and I'm always changing their order. Ian saw the hack and slash way I had been (mostly not) organizing myself and decided to put an end to all that nonsense. A week or so later, he showed me Drupal.

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