Impatiently Waiting For The Camellia Tree

Our Christmas tree will stay up for a little while longer, not because we keep it lit through any day in particular, but because I am refusing to pack everything away just yet. I say it's because lugging storage boxes to and from the attic is awkward and trying, but really it's because I find myself absolutely dependent upon tiny multicolored lights glowing against haphazardly placed shatterproof ornaments.

A Very Lovely Summer

The strawberries have going berserk in the front yard. The bean plant I unceremoniously ripped from one back yard container garden survived its relocation to the front yard as well and one long reaching vine climbs happily up a shepherd's hook I'd been keeping in my I swear I'm going to do something with that pile for years.

I'm looking over all of the posts I published here in May and I feel fantastic. I can't believe I actually did that. I'd mentioned to Ian in March that I was moving towards a goal of posting every day, and while it felt like some grandiose proclamation at the time, it feels more and more likely with each passing week. I'm not there yet, but right now it feels like just an emphasis on the yet.

It's all just a matter of time.

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