Week In Surfing: December 13, 2014

Happy weekend, lovely! I hope that Ian and I can survive it. We had a rough start but pushed our way through a house filled with fighting children and devoid of coffee (OMG). We managed to buy two weeks' worth of groceries and knock out Iliana's Christmas presents in one shopping trip so right now we're feeling pretty mighty.

And now I have a moment to sit my ass in my recliner and share some things that made me happy that make me SO GLAD I do this whole Week In Surfing thing.

Father Dies, Son Dies, Grandson Dies
Lea from Becoming Supermommy often moves me to tears, and her post about her husband's grandparents is the most moving, wonderful post of hers I've ever read. I find myself both hopeful and envious after reading this beautiful declaration of love. Hopeful because love itself is hopeful. Envious because this old blessing, Father Dies, Son Dies, Grandson Dies seems so foreign. My grandmother buried three children and a grandchild before she died. My mother mourned her son the same way that I will mourn mine. I wish I'd been blessed by the wise man in the story, but I can read Lea's post and know that while my life may not have this particular blessing, it still is blessed. I knew my grandmother before she died. I knew my mother. I am here to raise my children. That is a blessing, no matter what. And I am very, very grateful.

The Color of my Skin
The voices that The Sisterwives share are amazing. This piece by Jolene Muroki, a 20 year-old Kenyan writer filled with power and grace, is a heartbreaking must read. "I bet you had no idea what what your future held as you lay in your mother’s loving arms" she begins, then takes us on a difficult journey inside her experiences as a dark skinned young girl. When she spoke of losing a childhood friend to the atrocity of anti-blackness, I wept. When she said that this loss made her realize she could no longer be silent, I understood all over again how important it is to really listen.

If This, Then That: Reflections on Adoption
I came back after publishing this post (and sharing it on social media) to add this piece from Jan Wilberg at Red's Wrap. In response to Mamalode's November writing prompt (It’s Complicated), Jan writes beautifully about being the mother of three adopted children. They're adults now and she has the gift of parental distance. We have the gift of this little slice of her reality.

A Very Garrison Keillor Christmas
Anne from The Bellejar filled me with snark-filled lulz in her response to Keillor's 2009 lamentations on the horrors of secular Christmas celebrations. And OMG I never realized that Garrison Keillor is a what happens when Conan O'Brien revives his "If They Mated" segment to mash-up Peter Dinklage and Grumpy Cat. Go check it out, and be sure to stick around for her Feminist Killjoy Gift Guide when you're done.

The ultimate holiday gift guide for writers 2014
Speaking of gift guides, my girl Tamara asked some of her writer friends what they wanted for Christmas, and she got all sorts of suggestions. She puts it all together and introduces you to some pretty coolbeans writers. I can say this because she included my response, which includes a dig at my beloved Ian because I can't seem to do anything without being a jerk to him. (Go figure.)

And here's a bit from me, brought to you by Anne and her dig at Garrison Keillor. The first stanza of Poetry, In An Attempt To Write Some Of It is confession of my lifelong goal: to write a poem entitled "The Last Time I Gave My Cat LSD" and have it read by Garrison Keillor on the Writer's Almanac. So now you know.

Anyway, so there are a few things to keep you company and make you think this Saturday evening. Or whenever you get around to reading this.


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Tamara (@PenPap... said:

This is an awesome wrap-up! I can't wait to read these posts and thank you for including me.

celeste noelani said:

I loved the list you assembled, Tamara. :)