"Bad Book. Poor grammar is the bane of this otherwise fine exploration of love and loss." - A Customer

I hesitate before adding dialogue, unsure of the line I need to walk when representing dialect. I am worried about my characters' inherent readability. I am worried about my own "poor grammar" reviews.

#WeNeedDiverseBooks For Readers of Every Age

"Don't step on that book," my grandmother would chide. "Books are your friends. "

She loved reading, and probably couldn't imagine raising a child without instilling the same kind of reverence. With her books as gifts and regular public library visits, she saw to it that the children in her care would become avid readers. And because we were Hawaiian children living in Hawai'i, she was able to give us a luxuriously diverse reading experience that I completely took for granted.

It's a quote we see all the time, often when someone is trying to absolve themselves of being an asshole:

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
--Eleanor Roosevelt

Okay, so that's not exactly true. I just said that because I loathe this quote. You caught me.


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